First Time Pass Guarantee

Your Young Driving School guarantees that if our student driver does not pass the first drive test, our instructor will cover the cost for the second subsequent re-test.

Conditions subject to First Time Pass Guarantee will be as follows: 

▶ Having reached a relatively high standard that our instructor considers is safe to drive on the road
▶ Having been booked in as a license candidate for the test by Young Driving School
▶ The Guarantee does not apply for students that incur and instant fail, likely do not pay enough attention to our driving school or for changing instructors
▶ Learner drivers have to complete a minimum of 20 hours lessons with Young Driving School before having the examination. 
▶ Learner drivers have to qualify for and take the test with Young Driving School within one month after the last driving lesson taken with us.

The Guarantee excludes all government fees, road costs and lesson fees in NSW

As a result of reaching high standard customer satisfaction, we are really confident to produce excellent drivers. We have more than ten years experiences to help hundreds students passed their road tests.  We have well designed the lessons plan to achieve the result our students want.  We are extremely flexible to meet our students ‘time schedule.  That why we have a first time pass guarantee.  As a student of the Young Driving School, it is part of our ongoing service – just something to show our attitude of excellence.

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Information for parents

Give your loved one the gift of safe driving.  We understand attaining your licence can often be stressful and expensive.  We are proud to be your locally recommended by Australian Driver Trainers Association and  KEYS2DRIVE Accredited Professional Driving Instructor (an Australian Government-funded program which providing learner drivers and their parents/supervisors 1 hour free driving lesson with a keys2drive accredited professional driving instructor).  industry-leading drivers are passionate about delivering top quality lessons which are great value for money.

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